Why do you enjoy to be 18 to buy lottery tickets but 21 to play slots? Aren't they both making a bet?

It doesn't make sense. An 18 year old can buy scratch-off tickets and lottery tickets, but a 21 year dated can go to Vegas and gamble? Either road, isn't lottery a form of gambling?

And since we're on the topic of age, what determines what age a person have to be to do things?
21 to drink alcohol and play slots? 19 to smoke cigarettes (wasn't it just 18 two years ago)? 18 to vote, watch porn, and buy lotto tickets? 17 to monitor R-rated movies?

Wouldn't it be easier to just make everything accessible to 18-year olds? They are "legally" adults afterall.

Thanks to those who answer! This have been on my mind for awhile, and now that I turned 18 years matured, I've been wanting to know.
yes i wonder the same entry and yes they are both gambling
in Michigan you can play slots at 18. Vegas is different because of the free booze.
Where I live here in NY you can play the slot machines. It is call Empire City and its at Yonkers Racetrack. You only have to be 18 because the place is owned and operate by the NY State Lottery.

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