What do the codes stand for on the scratcher lotto tickets?

Can someone tell me all the codes for the scratchers please? I'm contained by AZ if it matters.
they verify winning tickets. also, if it's not a winner you can move about to the website listed on the back and enter for a drawing by entering the losing serial number on the tickets. their road of making you feel a little better.
Not sure what you mean, but when you reveal some of the spots on a scratch off, nearby are letters associated with the pictures/items you are supposed to be revealing. The parcels are actually another double check of the system. I know B, C, and D are usually winners, and it's be so long since I've played the scratch-offs, I can only remember that C is equivalent to a free ticket and D is like a $5 conqueror.
It is how they track the tickets. It is so they cannot be reproduced.
LOL they are capricious number generated, or in a series- but if you're thinking more or less cracking the code- you can't.

Tampering with lotteries is serious business and a great way to receive a felony on your record

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