Publishers clearing house?

tell me what u know about publishers clearing house contest does anyone really win or do you know of anyone that have ever won
I know of no one that has won that sweepstake. If you read the fine print you will see the big money won`t be awarded until months contained by the future or even next year. As the first human being who answered your question said, you will be bombarded with parcels informing you that your chance of winning is increasing and at alike time flyers for purchases are included in the letters making you ruminate your chances will be better to win if you buy something. This company was contained by a bit of trouble yrs. back for making that assumption. Now they include "no purchase necessary."
I would suppose someone have to win. It isn't going to be me. I got so tired of a new memo every day with some gimmicky piece of post to send back beside stickers here and stickers there. Then the phone calls started relating me to select magazines I would choose if I was going to buy a few. They asked if they could convey me samples of magazines that I could dispatch back if I did not want to keep them; (at their special reduced price.) Additionally I get letters making it look like I would be a triumph because my chances just get better each day; ( a decree had been made to positively select a champ from my area or that they had fixed someone with my last label or initials was a sure winner.) Every communiqu¨¦ was loaded with magazine offer. I finally quit and stopped returning the letters with adjectives the stickers on them. Maybe all this promotion leads to a champion being selected. In the first note I received from them it sounded like my entry was sufficient to win. No purchase be necessary.

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