List of states which allows a blind trust for a lottery vanquisher?

I was just curious about which states allow a human being to claim the lottery,mega millions and any other type of jackpot game through a blind trust (and no i haven't won the lottery, YET).

P.S. The states im really interested in are Pennsylvania, New jersey, New York and Connecticut.
I'm sorry i can't answer you completely because
i know for sure only more or less Texas that allows a
blind trust for lotto winners.
Click the link below for a clue as to some. This is a list of adjectives the PowerBall winners for the past 8 or 9 years.

You'll see many of them scheduled as "Annonymous" and things like "The End of the Rainbow Trust" (PowerBall) and "The Archibald Trust of Queens" (Mega Millions).

You can see for yourself which states have allowed this. That's not to say other states don't allow this, too.

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