Is it still possible to count cards at casinos surrounded by vegas?

Basically, do they have shufflers at the tables for blackjack? If so, how often do they carry shuffled? Do they actually beat you up if you get caught counting or do they simply ask you to leave?

i am not sure how capable you are to do the card counting. it's really an art and requires lots of concentration and experience.

But what if there are maximum number of deck to play with. Source(s):
Not all casinos use CSMs, which are continuousl shuffle machines, these are normally confused with ASMs which are automatic shuffle machines.

CSMs make card counting a futil effort, whiel they can be found, most casinos use a mitt shuffle or an asm. CSMs are vulnerable to card sequencing, which still allows the player to beat the game, though markedly few people do this, or even know its possible for that matter.

ASMs are machines that shuffle a shoe, or deck whiel another one is in play. These machines eleminate the time required by the purveyor to shuffle the cards and speed up the pace of the game. Card counting is still effective against ASMs, but asms are NOT adjectives to card sequencing or shuffle tracking.

Hand shuffles are still the norm, and can be foudn almost anywhere, including vegas. Vegas, is still a card counter utopia, and it probibly will be forever. You will not get beaten or mugged for counting cards, usualy they will politely ask you to play something else, they may even compliment you seconds in the past asking you to leave.

Card counting in the past be greatly misunderstood, not that it still isnt, but casinos now know that card counters will not take a casino for millions in one dark, but rather are expecting to win small amounts of money, just as regular players are expecting to lose small amounts of money per period of time so adjectives in all its not that big a deal, iv counted surrounded by front of a pit for hours on end after being shuffled up on and asked not to play, they really dont care anymore at most venue. Source(s): Myself, Professional Blackjack player
Regular automatic shufflers are not a problem. It is the Continuous Shufflers that make card counting impossible. Automatic shufflers just shuffle the cards. The continuous shufflers allow dealer to just use a portion of the 8 deck shoe while the rest of the cards are still being shuffled. It is impossible to know what cards are in play next to continuous shufflers.

Not all casinos use continuous shufflers. Even if a casino uses a continuous shuffler, they don't always use them at all of their table. They usually use them at the lower limit tables where they want to preserve the game going with no breaks for the players.

It is possible to count cards and make money, but the games surrounded by Vegas are really drying up. The number of places you can get away with it is getting smaller and smaller every year because of various counter measures (no pun intended). The games are drying up because of 6:5 single deck blackjack, continuous shufflers, no mid shoe entry table, and practically shoving player cards down your throat (requiring you to provide ID) to name a few reasons...

If they suspect you of counting cards, they don't beat you up anymore. That stuff terminated in the early 80's. Now they tell you to do one of three things:
* They'll allow you to play any winter sport except blackjack
* They will force you to "flat bet" (bet the same amount on every hand)
* Ask you to leave Source(s): I <3 blackjack
Blackjack is the single game in the casino that you have a sound chance of winning at if you know all of the likelihood, and when to hit or hold your hand. Counting cards is considered cheating, as a player wagers more money when the odds are that he or she will return with a higher or lower card. So of course you will be watched, if you are suspected of card counting you will be asked to try a different hobby but no more blackjack. Some casinos have data bases of specified card counters and they are spotted as soon as they walk in the door. You realize cameras get pictures of everyone surrounded by the casino. So learn the game, odds, play smart and hope the agent gets shitty cards.
I count cards every time I go to the casino and I haven't even been backed bad of a table once. If you're playing $5-$10 tables and are using a reasonable betting spread, they're probably not going to bother you unless you're ridiculously obvious beside your counting.

And yes, there are plenty of games that do not use continuous shuffling machines. Six deck shoe games are common (and beatable), and double deck games are not hard to find.

They haven't conquer anybody up in a casino since the 70s when the mob ran everything. Don't believe everything you see on TV. Source(s): I live in Las Vegas and play plenty of blackjack.
yes,but You cannot get arrested for counting cards in a casino, however the casino (if they suspect you are a card counter) may ask you nicely to head off. ... Source(s):
yes you can count -

not all casinos have automatic shufflers

it depends - problem next to EXPERT counters is Most of them are too bloody GREEDY - when your Raising the bet BIG and betting with lots of Black or Purple Chips or your betting table MAX when the deck is Positive and your making a killing in a short length of time -

its like a Sign around your neck - casinos know what to look for - and they arent afraid to ask you to leave -

unsophisticatedly they are corporate owned -they dont want lawsuits - almost never would you be assulted - you would have to be barred and keep coming support multiple -multiple times...........

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