Share my lottery winnings?

How can I divide my winnings amoung everyone? OR should I die with ALL of it?
First, very few lottery winners, regardless of how much they win, have died or even have the potential of dying with it. The MAJORITY of big lottery winners are usually broke again w/n ten years -- they give it to their family and friends, buy big ticket items like mansions without considering the yearly taxes on this stuff; etc.

Put the money into investment. Even if you were to put the winnings into CDs or annuities, you could probably live very comfortably off just the interest. If you feel a need to give some of it away, decide on a percentage and invest the rest.

Heck, you could even just give a percentage of the yearly interest away. If friends and/or family aren't satisfied with that then don't give them anything.

If your actually about to die, its going to go somewhere; if nothing else, the government will take it.

If you literally mean everyone, that is pointless; it would cost more to distribute it.

If you want to share your good fortune with those around you do something constructive with the money that you can all 'participate' in rather than blowing it on giant gifts.

How about becoming your own bank instead; rather than just giving them the money; make them submit proposals as to what they want the money for. Wouldn't that be fun?
Share my lottery winnings? What a concept! How did such a thought come into your mind? It seems to me like Ive' been playing the loterry all my life, have never won, but if I was to win can't believe sharing would be my first thought.You are some kind of special person,meaning that I can not concieve in my mind how you could be so giving.As for your question their is no way I could answer it,because I am still in SHOCK as to the fact you would want to share it.
You can't take it with you!
Take care of yourself,family and friends first. Donate some to charity, invest a bit... then share what you have left over. I could use a little myself... but, look after YOU first.
Yes share with me please!!
No, you shouldn't die with all of it:) lol....First, after the taxes are taken out, pay off your debts and do something you have always wanted to do, but couldn't afford to do. Then, you can share some with whom you choose to. But, don't make the mistake of spending it all and end up broke, like a lot of lotto winners sadly do.
Donate the money to the government or perhaps some charitable organization... minus my handling fee of 10% obviously. :)
take it in a lump sum and put it in your bank
die with all of it. dont give anything to anyone. if you're the man with all the money people will look up to you and depend on you, then youll look like a big shot in front of your peasant friends. look cool and hoard it all to yourself. buy a big farm then make your friends work on it to earn their due.maybe turn them into your personal slaves-every rich guy deserves a group of slaves-yeah do that.
First of all, don't tell anyone you've won the lottery. Let people be themselves around you. If you think someone deserves a break in life then help them out. There are many people who donate their time to try and make a difference without expecting anything in return. If you know people like this, maybe you could anonymously donate money to the organization they're involved with. St. Jo's Children's Hosp is a great organization to help out. Be careful to what organization you donate to, many of them, only about 50% of your money goes to the cause. Just make sure that you are happy. Money can't buy you happiness, but you can sure choose your own misery with it.;)
depends on how much it is. Absolutely donate to a charity, church, school or organization you support.
I always like to think if I could I would buy land for a subdivision, give sections to each of my family members, which they could do with as they choose.
If it was a smaller winning maybe take a group of loved ones on a vacation (Las Vegas, New York, or a cruise)
If you have children set up college funds, and personal funds for them. That way they have a good start in life.
Do not keep it all for yourself, if it is very small take someone you love out for a special evening. Or a trip to the Mall of America in Minnesota.
There are lot of things you could do, depending on the amount!
Good luck!
do as you will don't die with it
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