Is electronic roulette really completely random?

My friend was playing electronic roulette in a bookies and had the whole board covered except one number and guess what? that number came up!
This makes me think of the randomness of it. Its supposed to be a 'random number generator' but im starting to think differently.
Can a compter truly produce a random number? Or are they programmed to do such things that give the house more of an edge than we think?

Depends on where you play on what that casino is gonna risk, see most states that allow gambling make rules the casino has to abide by if that state says they have to make that roulette machine completely random thats what they are supposed key word supposed to do, they usually do because the state will fine the HUGE if they catch them not doing it that way, now internet casino's they are all off shore i believe so they have no rules so just be careful.
no the computer cheats cuz it know what you have your money on
You never know what's in that computer program, but one thing's for sure is that everything in a betting shop is designed to take your money, not give it back. It's probably weighted severely in the house's favour, you'd have to be a real mug to play those games for real money.
no its set up to pay up when it reaches a set amount in the kitty
its electronic that mean it can be rigged. i prefer a standard roulette table with markers on 2 20 10 28 12 and last third. when i went to vegas 2 came up twice in a row and 28 came up four times in a row no joke i won $4000 that night and started with 100. i love vegas
no the computer cheats cuz it know what you have your money on
No computer can generate a completely random number, It's physically impossible. I personally don't trust any kind of electronic roulette game. There just is too much room for the casino to mess with it. I don't know exactly where you are playing, but the Indian Casinos in California have two types of roulette "tables". One is completely electronic, and the other is a physical ball and wheel, automatically spun with electronic displays where you place bets. I will never go near the electronic ones.
NO,.. Law of averages

There is a cheat which i do. Put equal amount of chips on

0 , Red & Black

But i cant tell you my tips ; Phoo rahhh.
There are certainly online sites that use proprietary software that is rigged and favors the house. Given that, you should focus on online casinos that use regulated software, especially those that have been independently audited for fairness. All casinos in Las Vegas have this done. Online, any casino using Microgaming, Playtech, Boss, or RTG technology are legitimate and using a random number generator that is effective enough in its RNG programming to simulate randomization as well or better than any live casino roulette game. For a list of accredited casinos that will happily provide you with their payback percentage on specific games and certification of inspection visit or

All of their accredited casinos are on the up and up.

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