How do i get back at the casino after having lost $20,000, how do I win it back?

The best thing to do is to borrow as much money as you can find, and go back and play slots all night. Sooner or later you are bound to hit the jackpot. When you do walk out of the casino saying, "Twelve million dollars b!tches, IN YOUR FACE!"

That will hit them where it hurts, in the pocket.
I'll give you 3-1 odds you will lose another 20k if you go back again....
you cannot win back what you have lust. your best win would be to stay away from casinos. the design of the casinos is that you louse,
You don't
You can't
You quit NOW before you lose any more.
House ALWAYS wins.
otherwise there wouldn't by any casinos
They'd be all bankrupt
You have got a lesson and why do you want again to loose some money. Going to casino is not a good habit. It may make you bankrupt.
Just keep trying. Borrow money or sell you car. You might have a good chance now that you've lost so much.

btw, did I forget to mention I work for a casino?
You're an idiot to go back in there but if you insist, lots of luck!
ok here we go. find a game that requires no thinking, such as roulette or casino war. watch the table or board for 30 minutes to get a feel for the dealer and other players. pick a color or odd/even and let $3,500 ride until you catch up. at the casino war table lay your moneyon 2 or 3 play then walk away. good luck.
ps i play a lot and never get back losses a little at a time. thats why they call it what they call it---gambling.
You put down the cocktail,step away from the table, and go immediately to a support group for folks with a gambling addiction.
QUITTING! ~ that's the best solution. The more you chase, the more you lose.
let it all ride on craps, guarenteed to win


When I loose money at a casino, I usually take as many hotel ink pens as I can to make up for my lost
sorry to say it to you, but that's a chance you take going to the casinos, you either have to be really lucky/good...or just be able to control yourself. There's not too much you can do legally to "get back at" the Casino...what with all the rules/laws/security they've got going on now. In the end, i'd say get a really good paying job, or "marry money" (or both).
Two things: First, you mention 'getting back' at the casino. To 'get back' at someone usually means taking revenge on someone that has wronged you. Unless someone from the casino forced you to play, they did nothing wrong to 'get back' at them for.
Second, gambling isn't a business; the Casino is the business, and their business is to win the majority of the time, that's why the odds are in their favor. Gambling is a game that's played by adults that are suppose to understand there is a very good chance they will lose the money they bet. If you can't afford to lose any more, then take your losses and walk away.
well if you were betting small amounts and they became $20000 you should have realized by $10000 you are going to get it back and if you bet it all at once then you shouldnt have taken that risk. dont try winning it back or you might go into bankruptcy.
You can't get your money back, but you can "get back" at the casino. You simply stop playing there and deprive them of your business and don't give them any more of your money.

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