Has anyone ever won a large amount of money on a scratch ticket? if so, how much?

im starting to think its just a scam. and very few win alot.
well lottery has several winning tickets,but what they don't want you to know is,say on average,a scratch off might have a 1 million dollar prize out of 1 billion tickets to be sold in game,so that means if all billion tickets were sold, there would be one million dollar prize paid out,but what most states do is make several games at one time about 20 games every 3months,so that would mean 20 billion tickets would have to be sold for 20 million dollar payouts,The catch is they don't always pay out big winners cause they take old batch (first20 games)and replace them with 20 new games so you have a lesser chance of getting 1 of those big pay outs.yes i have won 500 dollars myself a few times but what i have learned is that i really never won anything, cause they are made to take your money and everybody that plays will lose even if you win a big win it will make you try to win more (chasing losses)Best way to win is stick your dollars in your back pocket and pay your own car,house,boat payments a dollar at a time.by the way precedes go to common school funds if that's the case every student should have a computer at each desk,
I just started playing this year, and I've never had more than 1 or 2 numbers matching.

I've also never known any personal friends who've won a dime.
If they do the odds are against it. In 71 years I have won a turkey and model airplane.
I've known several people who have won $100.00-$500.00 on a single ticket. It's possible, but like the lottery, when you're playing against so many people, it's very difficult & very rare.
my cousin won $25 000, and you are correct there is usually only one grand prize, most prizes are a free ticket or money amounting to the cost of the ticket.
the most I have won was $1,000.00 but my step father has won $10,000 and they won a trip to Las vegas and a Dale Earnhardt leather jacket

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