What size of dice do casinos use for Craps, and where online can I buy a pair?

.775 or 3/4 inch .The gamblers book shop and gamblers supply in VEGAS.Just order from their web sites .

The dice are the regular, size that you see with a lot of board games. My brother bought a peice of material that had a print of the game Craps on it. It is like the full size that is used int he casinos. He lays it on top of his piano and wala, a Craps table.

Try checking some casion suppy shops on the net for the game. Just get any standard size of dice to play with.
lots of joints give em away after they drill them-the biggest dice supply house is paul-son but they do not want or need small orders-most of the pool table and fooseball stores have dice or can get them-if you believe in "DICE MECHANICS" ,forget that mess it don't work,you ain't gonna slide the back die or load some to swap out. I can think of much easier ways to get an *** whoopin'!!

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