What is the best paying slot machine to play. What denomination.?

There are two main rules to remember when playing slots that will maximize your chances of winning.

1. The higher denomination slots usually pay back at a higher rate
2. Playing max coins usually yields a higher payout than playing less than max because usually the top prize pays a disproportionately large amount compared to smaller bets.

With this in mind, you should play the highest denomination where you feel comfortable betting max.

For example, you may be better off betting max coins on a quarter machine than betting one credit on a dollar machine.

In the end it all boils down to getting lucky. It is hard to win money on slots. You can play slots for real money without risking of your own by going to http://www.ranked-online-casinos.com/no-... That's probably your best bet.

Good luck and have fun!
The higher the denomination the better the odds. Video poker has the best odds compared to slots. you make the calls not the machine.
If you want a list of online slots that have a payour rate of over 95%
According to the T.V. show I watched, the higher the demonination, the better your odds are. But the house is also betting that you'll want to return the winnings. So a dollar machine is suppose to pay better than a quarter machine. I go to the casino's and really don't see it. Though I play more tables than slots.
$100 red-white-blue.

If you hit any three 7's, it'll affect your wallet, big-time.

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