Why do mostly only elderly people win huge lottery or powerball numbers...?

Murphy's Laws

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Good luck.
they have more time playing and do it regularily with same numbers for years ,most young folks who win r flukes random one time shot,but old people stick to same numbers for many years
because they get lucker then us.
yea...and rich people too?? Tell me, tell me please!
That's the demographic of people that play the lottery..same with casinos
because they're addictted to it and play all the time.
Geez, louise, I don't know. And why do people who already have a couple million win? Life is rough. :)
They probably play more do to having more discretionary income and not a lot of other activities in their lives to get very excited about.

I don't mean that to be disrespectful but I live in a community with an older than average population and they all meet for breakfast and talk about who's going to win the lottery today.
luck of the draw
sucks though, i would be happy paying off my house n car..lol

Maybe i will get old people to pick my new numbers..lol
because that is the majority that plays
I think they tend to spend more money on purchasing lottery tickets, therefore, increasing their odds.
because that is probably something they do every week. you got to play to win.
Because that's all older people do is play games. Have you ever been inside a bingo hall. It's full of old ladies. They have lots of money and nothing to spend it on, so they gamble.
thats all they have to do
Because the largest part of the population is elderly. (Baby Boomers)
they pick the right numbers
that does suck huh give me the money I'm young they only have a good ten years and that's probably pushing it
Young people have better things to do with their money.
i would have to say that they win most lottery, etc., , because they have been doing it for a really long time, (and i mean REALLY long time)
Because they will die before they collect. Is that what you were looking for? All lotteries are rigged?
they don't need the money...it seam that all the winners never really need the money..they are retired or some business owner..or a government hack...when did a real poor person ever win money..
Here in Idaho its all been middle age people. I guess there is more older people in other states and younger people are not playing much
Mostly because they already have their affairs in order, so they can afford to play more consistently than younger people.
Older people usually aren't saving for a house, paying alot for gas/transportation due to being retired, paying off college loans, going out to eat as much due to a much less active lifestyle, and pretty much everything they own is completely paid off.
After you reach a certain age, things like game shows, checkers, visiting family & friends, eating enough fiber, and playing the lottery are the high points of the day.
Playing more often increases your odds.

On a darker note, you can NOT will your winning lottery ticket's continued anual payments to anyone. When you die, the payments stop. That's why eventhough you get dinged pretty hard for it, you must take the LUMP-SUM (everything upfront, no anual payments).
Because they are being playing all their lives.
dont seem fair does it.. i mean they only got about 10 yrs at best and here we have at least 30 to go... maybe it is because they are luckier or maybe they played the samed number for years.. could be some one up stairs is looking out for them.. who know.. i just know it dont seem fair.. like why are all the power ball winner up north.. no one down south ever wins.. elder or young..

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