Does IWG which plays lotto, with address P.O. Box 791, 5700 AT Helmond, Netherlands exists.?

I recieved a letter from IWG with address P.O. Box 791, 5700 AT Helmond, Netherlands. The letter state that it play lotto with a one month minimum and a money back guarantee. Is this true ? It also include a scratch & win cards. Is this true or just a scam?
This is a SCAM I've had this in the mail do what I did with it tear it up and put in out with the rubbish because that is exactly what it is "RUBBISH"
This is a well know scam. How did they just happen to pick you.Look at the questions I have answered on this site in my info. There are so many winners there could not be enough money to pay them all.There is no International Lottery.This is a Nigeria scam. Yahoo/MSN, U.K. and Australian lotteries, football lotteries from the same counties, Global-Link, World Poverty, Microsoft, Free Lotto, which now seems to have it's own people answering gambling questions on this site claiming they have won which is a total lie, and hundreds more. I am a retired Police Officer that has years of experience investigating Internet scams and frauds. This is an old one. The common link to them getting your email is on line surveys. Yahoo does not give it's stock holders money away nor does it give it's email subscribers address's to lotteries. The only way to win in a lottery is to buy a ticket, if you didn't you could not possibly win. Here is the website of the 17 nation law enforcement task force that investigates cross border Internet crime. You may file a complaint there. Also go to and browse complaints and you will find many having the same doubts as yourself about these scams. Below is a typical scam and how they work it. They just go under a thousand different names. They are asking you to send a prepayment to collect your winnings and they want you to send it by a money wire service. Lotteries do not just pick your name out of thin air, and just so happen to have your email also. No Internet service provider gives their email list out to lotteries. If you did not pay to play you could not possibly win.

recieved letter of winning $65000.00 Pacific Player International lotteries,please contact claims agent miss linda strong at 204-951-7582. Second letter came with a check for the amount of $2,470.00 To deposited in my bank account for processing fee,a week later check cleared my bank. I contacted my claims agent over the phone she advise me to wire the balance of $2,341.00 to a Mr Edward Culwell in New York,New York.I called miss linda strong to advise her of the western union confirmation number,to date can not get in touch with linda strong just her voice mail, I know now that it was all a RIP-OFF and now Iam in the hole with $2,470.00 with my bank.... Please send HELP... THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Yes, it's definitely fake. Some of the major red flags include the fact that legitimate lotteries do not notify winners by email, you cannot win a lottery if you did not enter/buy a ticket. There is no such thing as an international lottery. The complexity of gaming/gambling laws from country to country prevents such a thing.

If you answer the email, after one or two email exchanges with the so-called "lottery officials" or "claims agent," perhaps accompanied by some official looking but fake documents, you'll be asked to pay fees for "taxes" or "handling" or some other reason. This is the scam - you pay the fees and never see any winnings, mainly because there are none to see.

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