How much does the average gambler lose a day?

500 dollars? 200 dollars? What is your guess on the average for the WHOLE casino?

The casino expects to make $500/person/day.

But they don't actually look at it as only from gambling these days, with all the restaurants/shopping/entertain. gambling is taking more of a back seat every day.
200 dollars
250 lol 2 much
as all gamblers bet differently.there is no mean for an average loss.its like asking what is the average rain fall for the some countries have never seen rain for over 25 years.and other places have rain 365 days per can see how useless the question and answer are.its the same as your question.
i think that that average gambler loses maybe somewhere around $250 dollars. i work in a poker room, as a cashier so i hear about it all day how much they are up and down.this is for poker (hold em', 7 stud, omaha),and also tournaments.they can also lose alot more though if they are gambling higher stakes.
the answer is zero.the average gambler plays for free.theres alot more freerollers then actual money depositing least i think so cuz i play every day for free.ive made several deposits in a few poker sites but i play freerolls all the time and use my winnings for the buy ins costing me can download poker sites and play for free.thats how they generate customers
not enough to be make him smart and go home.
depends on the casino and their patrons. a place in vegas with a lot of high rollers is probably a lot higher than a small midwestern casino. i have no idea though. amd you win some days, you lose some days (there are more of these).
200 dollars
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