What las vegas casinos use real coins as a pay off?

the last time i was in las vegas i played the slot machines and was rewarded with a paper ticket. do any of the casinos still use slots that pay off with real coins
yes. a lot in fact.
I live in LA and our favorite weekend get away spot is Vegas. The last time I was there (a few months ago), nearly all of the casinos I went into still paid quarters and nickles out of the "one armed bandits". Dollar slots and above pay with a special token. In fact, the only casinos I've ever been to that pay with tickets has been the Native American casinos on the tribal lands that we have out here. Someone said that Circus Circus pays in tickets now, ...I didn't know that. I guess it stands to reason since Vegas is trying to become a more "family oriented" (i.e., Kid friendly) vacation spot.
Yes they do.

Circus Circus does not because its a kid friendly hotel
Most casinos are switching over now, to tickets. I was taken back at first, but just like anything else, you go with the times. The coins and buckets are dirty anyway. Think about how many times you had to wipe your hands(filthy). It's still the same game, so don't let that stop you from playing. Atlantic city changed over as well.
In Oklahoma, they manly use cards that use credits, or paper receipts, however, there are MANY Vegas casinos that use coin pay-off.
Very few still use coins, and within the next few years only the cheapest and most outdated casinos will still use coins. Coins are hassle, they jam the machines, they have to be counted and checked, transported around the casino, they are dirty and pointless.

If you play a slot machine and win, you will get a ticket. You take the ticket to the desk and they hand you the cash. What the hell is your problem with that? Even old fashioned coin machines are not going to pay out the jackpot in quarters. A smaller prize such as $100 or so might be, but why do you want to carry around 400 quarters in a plastic bucket?

Realize that this is 2006, and that modern quality casinos don't use coins any more.
Not Vegas, but Jean, Nevada does about 10 miles from the stateline. They give back money for everything but the dollar machines. Those come in the form of the tokens. I usually go to Nevada Landing and have good luck there.
There are several casinos that still have some coined machines. The majority of them are in the downtown section of Las Vegas (Binions, Fremont, California, Golden Gate).
Most of the Strip properties have the paper tickets (TITO-Ticket In Ticket Out). It is more cost effective and mechanically more reliable.

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