What do the letters on a scratch off lottery ticket mean?

is there any list with the code meanings
Usually they mean L-O-S-E-R! No matter what letters are there that is almost always the meaning.
On a one dollar winner you may see the letters O N E
Two dollar T W O and so on to ten and on higher winners there are special combination. Thats in the northeast. I found a link for a michigan lottery (see below) and they do it differently. Most any way you look at it you probably lost already. although i did find a 10 dollar winner once that someone lost. One of the few times i won on a scratch and i didnt even buy it.
The letters can be used to verify that it has not been tampered with, and some letters are used to verify that you do indeed have a winning (or LOSING) ticket.

Each state has their own lottery, so the codes have different meanings.

Just remember, out of every $2 you spend, you MIGHT get $1 back.
I don't know as there is any list, try going to the state's lottery website. But the codes do have to do with the prize. In NY, some are simple, as ine one, two,fiv, etc. But I have won some larger prizes where the code makes no sense at all.
it varies by the state that you bought the tickets from.
are you talking about the 3 letters when you strach the ticket off? if you are, then lets say if you win ten dollars, they will say in no random order, ten. or for two dollars, two. im doubt if there is a list that you can find with the meanings.
its the ID for the state

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